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Employment Law Case Study

A company noticed that a number of their employees were not working to the standard required. Employees were often late, taking extended breaks and using their mobile phones during working hours. This had been going on for some time and was starting to have a real impact on productivity. The managers tried to address the issues with employees informally, but this didn’t bring about the desired result and the company did not have any written policies or procedures in place.

The company sought advice and implemented up to date and legally compliant policies and procedures, detailing the standard expected of employees and the consequences of failing to comply. It was important to ensure that the policies accurately reflected the needs of the company and that these were successfully communicated to all employees.

The relevant action was taken to address employee issues, whilst also ensuring compliance with employment legislation. All relevant documentation was drafted and step by step practical advice was provided.

As a result, the company noticed a huge improvement in respect of behaviour of its employees. Not only did productivity increase, the above action also had a positive impact on employee morale, as fair and consistent action was taken across the board.

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